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Luciana   August 21st, 2012  

So TIFF announced their schedule for this year’s festival. Check it:

The Master – Special Presentation
Friday September 7 – Princess of Wales – 9:00 PM
For additional TIFF information, click here

Oh The Road – Special Presentation
Thursday September 6 – Ryerson Theatre – 9:00 PM
For additional TIFF information, click here

To get festival tickets, go here. No words if Amy will be attending it.

On The Road The Master Comment?
Luciana   August 20th, 2012  

After screenings in Santa Monica, Chicago and New York City, now it’s San Francisco’s turn to experience Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master.” And with it comes yet another clip from the film. “The Master” screens tomorrow night at the Castro Theater at 8 PM for $10 with proceeds going to The Film Foundation. Get your tickets here. The film opens in theaters around the country on September 14th.

The Master Comment?
Luciana   August 20th, 2012  

Yesterday, Vulture has published an New York Magazine article with Amy Adams, in which she talks about her new movie “The Master”:

Amy Adams usually views her own movies through a scrim of self-criticism, but at a recent screening of her new film, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, she watched with eerie detachment. “I was like, I don’t even know what I did in the film or what I didn’t do, or what I need to do, I have no clue.” Near the end, during a scene between her character, the wife of a cult leader, and Joaquin Phoenix’s drifter, “I just sobbed uncontrollably,” she says. “It really broke my heart. Oh God, I’m going to cry again if I think about it.”

We’re having lunch at the Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, where Adams’s Cobb salad sits largely untouched. Suddenly, she tears up right in front of me. “I don’t know why it got to me, I’m not a crier,” she insists, collecting herself. “I’m always, ‘Oh, that’s so drama school.’ No. I’m not that kind of person.” When I ask what it was about the scene, she says it was Phoenix’s character, “so solitary, so seeking, so lost. I’d probably need to talk to a therapist to find out why that resonates with me so deeply.”

Articles & Interviews The Master Comment?
Luciana   August 20th, 2012  

Today is the 38th birthday of very talented and enchantingly cute Amy Adams, and we would like to wish her a great, great day with her beloved ones. Happy Birthday, Amy!

Personal Comment?
Luciana   August 16th, 2012  

And another teaser trailer for “The Master” has been released this week. Check it:

The Master Comment?
Luciana   August 12th, 2012  

I have added additional pictures of Amy and Donna Murphy taken at Delacorte Theater in Central Park last July 20th to promote “Into the Woods” They’re slight tagged, but worth the view:

Gallery Into the Woods Comment?
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