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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

The buzz on The Master couldn’t not be at a higher pitch. Couched in mystery, the film has earned the raves and gold trophies of those that have seen it, and the curiosity and preemptive protest of those that have yet to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film.

A jam-packed premiere in New York City on Tuesday night drew fans, a throng of media and, maybe, outraged Scientologists that have been riled up by the film’s basis in the early days of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics movement. There was extra security hired by the film’s distributor, The Weinstein Company; whether they were required, or even scared off potential protestors, was hard to determine in the thick of the crowd in front of the Ziegfeld Theater on 54th street in Manhattan.

With co-stars Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman not able to make the event, Amy Adams, who plays the true-believer wife of Hoffman’s cult leader Lancaster Dodd, was charged with speaking with the press. She has a number of films coming out over the next few months, and one, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel On the Road, offers many unexpected similarities to The Master: a post-World War II setting, lost souls, and small communities.

“I’ve started to think about that, because there’s been a sort of parallel in a couple of the roles I’ve taken,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. It’s a lot of longing and loss.”

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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

Amy was guest on Jimmy Fallon show last night and they have her interview up. You can check it here:

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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

The teasing is over, it seems. It’s reported that this is the final trailer for “The Master”, and it seems to reunite all scenes delivered in the past teasers. Check it:

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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

Amy was guest at “The View” yesterday to promote “Trouble With The Curve”. Watch the interview below:

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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

Amy attended today the Calvin Klein show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (and was on front row with the adorable Diane Kruger and Emma Stone!!). You can find 7 HQ pictures of this event, plus all missing pictures from the past 4 days up now in our gallery:

Sorry for my late in add those pics. I was overwhelmed with work and all this events, didn’t find a proper way to arrange my schedule. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, sometimes I post (RT) news before bringing it to the main page.

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Luciana   September 13th, 2012  

I have added two new photoshoots Amy did this year, to promote “Into the Woods” and “The Master”. Check it:

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