Amy Adams on the cover of British ELLE

Great news, everyone! To promote the upcoming release of Man of Steel, Amy Adams is gracing the cover of the British ELLE’s July issue! The magazine – on UK shelves May 29 – has Amy posing in a Dior dress for the cover, and talking about how she made her way “from smalltown waitress to Hollywood’s most wanted.”

You can see the gorgeous cover to the left. Simply click on the picture or the link below to see it in full size. Stay tuned for scans from the magazine coming as soon as possible. It’s so good to see Amy on the cover of a major fashion magazine again, don’t you think?

New trailer for ‘Man of Steel’

A new – and final? – theatrical trailer for the upcoming superman epic Man of Steel was released a couple of hours ago. It’s a fantastic trailer, really, with tons of scenes we hadn’t seen before, including new Amy-scenes! Be sure to watch it below, then check out the HD screencaptures along with some new posters for the movie in our photo gallery

‘American Hustle” On Set – Even More Pictures!

A buch of new pictures from American Hustle set was now added to the gallery, this time thanks to Dea for donating it!

More ‘American Hustle’ On Set Pictures

I have added a few more pictures of Amy and co-stars Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale on set for ‘American Hustle’, and only correcting myself, they’re not on Boston anymore, last scenes were shoot in Manhattan.

Amy on cover of Women’s Weekly Singapore

Check full sized in our gallery, thanks to Mckiddohfan.

‘Man of Steel’ New Images

Some new images are (finally) surfacing and are now up in the gallery. There’s a book around, it seems to be a Walmart Movie Guide, with some gorgeous images on it. ComicBookMovie shared a few of them, and I have up Amy’s related. Also, Flicks & Beats published a handful of character portraits, and Lois Lane one features that leaked image published back in January. And also a beautiful photoshoot (unfortunately tagged) that our friend Annie (from has found.

There’s only 30 days until we can see Man of Steel on theaters, and I do hope more images can surfaces soon. For now, enjoy what we got.

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