Hair: 2006

Amy Adams is known for her stunning red mane so some could be suprised to learn that her hair is naturally more of a blonde/strawberry blonde color. It wasn’t up until Junebug that Amy decided to keep to a more sharper, vivid color that she adapted from the character. Throughout Amy’s career she has sported a variety of different shades, styles and glamorous hairdos for the red carpet and photocalls. While Amy has mostly kept in the red family of shades, she says she’s open to experiment. “I really like red, but I’m always open to change. I would love to cut my hair and try platinum – Christina Aguilera blond. Harlow blond,” she says. This is a visual archive of Amy’s ever changing locks!

“Here I am, I’m super-energetic, a positive person with blond hair, blue eyes — it’s very easy to make assumptions about my character. And the minute you put red hair on it, it’s suddenly, like, instead of energetic, she’s a firecracker; instead of ditzy, she’s quirky.”

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2005 – 2006

2005 and 2006 were definitely Amy’s breakthrough years! Although she’d worked in the industry for many years and tackled a wide array of genres and characters, nothing could have prepared her for the whirlwind that would be the success of Junebug. Although throughout these years Amy stayed red, she had perhaps the most amount of shades you could ever imagine!

2005 started off with Amy more dark red tresses like at the Sundance Film Festival. While at the Wedding Date premiere she was seen with a noticably new tan, which off set the dark locks nicely. During the late summer months and whilst Junebug promotion was at a peek she sported a much more vibrant red like at the press conference and premiere for the film. At the premiere Amy showed up with a sweetheart-funky do.
The hair was cut in jagged layers go throughout Amy’s style to create this lovely flicked look, and her light brown tones enhanced her facial features perfectly. Amy often went with a more simple chic look too, like a lady-like ponytail at the Walk the Line screening. At the Miss Davenporte Trunkshow, Amy had a much redder hair, kept soft and sweet. The sides were been pinned straight back tightly and the top was teased up high and placed back. Her long side swept bangs have been left out to add shape around the face. Just a few days later Amy showed up at the IFP Gotham Awards with another gentle, pretty look. At one of her last appearances in ’05, The Producers premiere, Miss Adams dawned sexy and rich curls do go with her babydoll face.

Bring on awards time! Being nominated at multiple ceremonies for her enchanting performance as Ashley in Junebug, Amy was in full control and aware of her style icon status. At the first awardshow of 2006, Amy dazzled her fans with a pretty ponytail and red-orange locks at the 11th Annual Critics Choice Awards. But needing a change once again, Amy again put in more color – this time going back to her more recognizable shade. Always one to keep it simple and fun, Amy wore her hair in a funky and sexy up-do at the 2006 Writers Guild Awards. While choosing multiple shades of red throughout these years, Amy sometimes weaved into more brown territories, like at the Mac Cosmetic Honoring event. Still, Amy loves her red and always manages to come back to it. At the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards a ponytail with some waves was her friend. Behold Oscar night! Amy looked beautiful with her hair softly pinned back through the sides and top into a simple upstyle. Paired with a blossomy, chocolate brown dress and aquamarine tear drop earrings from Carolina Herrera, Amy stole the event with fashion – if she didn’t win the Oscar.