Hair: 2009

Amy Adams is known for her stunning red mane so some could be suprised to learn that her hair is naturally more of a blonde/strawberry blonde color. It wasn’t up until Junebug that Amy decided to keep to a more sharper, vivid color that she adapted from the character. Throughout Amy’s career she has sported a variety of different shades, styles and glamorous hairdos for the red carpet and photocalls. While Amy has mostly kept in the red family of shades, she says she’s open to experiment. “I really like red, but I’m always open to change. I would love to cut my hair and try platinum – Christina Aguilera blond. Harlow blond,” she says. This is a visual archive of Amy’s ever changing locks!

“Here I am, I’m super-energetic, a positive person with blond hair, blue eyes — it’s very easy to make assumptions about my character. And the minute you put red hair on it, it’s suddenly, like, instead of energetic, she’s a firecracker; instead of ditzy, she’s quirky.”

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In the first two months of 2009, Amy’s hair has already experienced more changes than you can count on one hand! Ending last year brown, Amy started off red once more, as if you’d expect anything less. At the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala, Amy wore her hair in soft waves. Two days later, at the Critics Choice Awards, Amy still having the same tone, wore it straight. The most radical shade of red for Amy thus far came at a Golden Globes Award pre-party. Amy’s hair was vivacious, and fiery dark, darker than ever she wore before. While fans absolutely adored the new look and hoped more styles with the color would be debuted with the coming events, Amy quickly underwent one last dye job and brightened things up for the actual Golden Globes red carpet. Amy was now back to her more orange hues.

In March she appeared at the Sunshine Cleaning premiere with a medium classic hairstyle. Long layers were cut through her sides and back to encourage the large loose waves that were defined perfectly to give her style plenty of bounce and body. In May, during the Night at the Museum premiere, Amy wore a curled and romantic hair, her red color darker than usual. But in the Julie & Julia press conference, held in July, Amy appeared with a pretty straight lighter hair, more closer to blonde than red. She vamped up the red soon after, as you can see in the Julie & Julia premiere a day next.

Amy’s hair was pretty much in the same color niche’ these days; very much the classic red head we’ve all fell in love with, sometimes her hair photographs lighter or darker so it’s hard to tell if she’s underwent dying or it’s just the light. For the most part she appears within the same palette at most recent events. But she stills keeps it different by displaying multiple styles; classy up-dos, side swept waves, always one to favor a chic pony tail and buns.