Hair Style

Amy Adams is known for her stunning red mane so some could be suprised to learn that her hair is naturally more of a blonde/strawberry blonde color. It wasn’t up until Junebug that Amy decided to keep to a more sharper, vivid color that she adapted from the character. Throughout Amy’s career she has sported a variety of different shades, styles and glamorous hairdos for the red carpet and photocalls. While Amy has mostly kept in the red family of shades, she says she’s open to experiment. “I really like red, but I’m always open to change. I would love to cut my hair and try platinum – Christina Aguilera blond. Harlow blond,” she says. This is a visual archive of Amy’s ever changing locks!

“Here I am, I’m super-energetic, a positive person with blond hair, blue eyes — it’s very easy to make assumptions about my character. And the minute you put red hair on it, it’s suddenly, like, instead of energetic, she’s a firecracker; instead of ditzy, she’s quirky.”

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Basic Hairstyle Views

Long and Wavy
Amy tends to let her hair flow, allowing her long and wavy locks to speak for themselves. This pushes the trend of a more natural look – just by looking at her, you wouldn’t expect that she perms her hair for the waves or uses layers to accentuate the length and frame her face.

The Updo
Amy Adams’ hairstyles are not all about the long and flowing look. Amy has also been a fan of the messy up-do, something that can provide an elegant and stylish look without requiring much time or effort. Her pinned back hair helps to pull the hair away from her face, which allows her natural beauty to shine through. Many think she looks best with this look, as it is the most laid back and beautiful of all of her hairstyles.

Long Layers
While most of Amy Adams’ hairstyles tend to go for a completely natural look, there are a few occasions where she has used long and obvious layer to accentuate and frame her face. While this is not generally considered her best look, it is widely recognized as her most elegant and red carpet-ready look.

Hair Color
Amy is naturally a strawberry medium-brown; her colored hair is the super-richened version of her natural color. This is confirmed by Tracey Cunningham, of Redken, who treated Amy for red carpet of Golden Globes and Oscars. Amy like to color her hair just two days before the red carpet, because she likes how her hair looks after a few shampoos when it’s brighter, but not too bright.

Get the Color
Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color and Hollywood Colorist, used Redken Shades EQ to achieve Amy’s lustrous red.

She customized a formula with 9NB Irish Creme, 9AA Papaya, and 7G Saffron.