“I used to steal my older sister’s pink-and-green Maybelline mascara.”
“If I outgrow something, I like to share it. It’s good to be my friend when I clean out my makeup bag!”
On doing her on make-up
“It’s a learning process. I can do a decent job, but I like to leave it to the professionals when it counts.”
On doing her on make-up
“When I first moved to L.A. I got a callback, and a producer said he’d like to see me with more makeup. But he told my agent that she might have to put it on “because I didn’t seem like the kind of girl who would know how.” And he was right! I had to go into the bathroom at my agency and have my agent do my makeup.”
“I still keep it pretty simple, although I like getting dolled up to hang out with friends. Sometimes, if you need a pick-me-up, there’s nothing better than a new lip gloss. At any given moment, I can have upwards of 10 glosses in my purse. And I am addicted to perfumes. I love Jo Malone’s scents – the Nectarine Blossom & Honey, the French Lime Blossom, and the Orange Blossom. I don’t have a signature scent; I switch depending on my mood.”
“If I’m outdoors, I’m constantly reapplying sunscreen. My sister used to call me Fish-Belly Blue because I was so pale. I went to Italy this summer and decided I’d be a rebel and sit out in the sun wearing a sunscreen with a low SPF. The next day I woke up with a rash all over my body.”
“My skin rejects the sun. I had a grown man at a water park once yell at me to get a tan… Me in a swimsuit – that’s a lot of pale skin!”
“I get regular facials. I had some skin problems when I was starting to film Catch Me If You Can. I had really dry skin. I went to Marion Simms at Skin Sense in L.A., and she got it under control. I’ve been going there since then for the standard facial.”
“I really like red, but I’m always open to change. I would love to cut my hair and try platinum – Christina Aguilera blond. Harlow blond.”
“I’ve had red hair for the past four years. Before that, I never thought of being anything but blond. There was a definite shift in my life when I decided to go red. I tend to laugh a lot, and I can be really silly. I think when you have blond hair, people associate those behaviors with being flighty. With red hair, you’re suddenly quirky.”
“I always wanted to be taller. I was a dancer, so I always admired that willowy effect. I still look at it with a sense of longing, but I fully accept I can’t change it. I just walk tall. And wear wedges.”
“Carolina Herrera is great for the red carpet. I wore a brown full-skirted corseted Herrera dress for the Oscars. (My favourite Oscar moment was Rachel Weisz helping me with eye-drops in the bathroom.)”
“I really love J Mendel, his dresses are so feminine. I’ve worn Giambattista Valli (from Harvey Nichols), whose dresses are really cool. I wore a purple Zac Posen dress in a photo shoot recently that was unbelievable.”
“Rickard Shah shoes are really beautiful and they fit me really well. I have dancer’s feet, so shoes can get pretty uncomfortable.”
“I’m really a jeans and T-shirt girl.”
“When I’m on set or travelling, I always like to have a nice cashmere scarf.”
“Dresses. That’s basically all I buy for summer from vintage boutiques in LA such as Ethel.”
“I sleep in my boyfriend’s T-shirts.”