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“The Fighter” press conference: Audio & Transcript

The Collider has posted an audio file and the transcript for “The Fighter” press conference they attended a few weeks ago.

Check the Amy parts of the interview below, or listen everything here:

Q: Amy, you were very convincing fighting with his sisters too. Can you talk about that?
Amy: When I got the role, David informed me that I looked like a girl who couldn’t punch which made me want to punch him. So I actually took just a couple boxing lessons and that was fun with Mark’s trainer who was fantastic and then we just did some fight choreography. I think it was about not being afraid of hurting anybody. That was my biggest concern. I didn’t want to hurt the girl that I was fighting with. I wasn’t afraid of getting hurt myself. When I was younger, my sister thought it was funny to pretend to punch me in the face because my mom was concerned about my teeth falling out. They were loose for a long time, and she knocked out my teeth. So I’ve always been a little afraid of fake punches. But it was fun. I had a good time.

Q: Amy, you aren’t the kind of girl who looks like she can punch. David, can you talk about why you chose to cast her? And also, Melissa, both of you went through such incredible transformations…
Christian: (interrupting, to Amy) Do you want to punch her right now?
Amy: I’ll just echo what David said and what Melissa said. David’s belief that I could be Charlene, that was like half of the preparation. Just knowing that he knew I could do it made me feel like I could do it. And then the other half of it was research and also David telling me to lower my voice. He kept going, “She’s down here. She’s low. She’s low.”

Q: Amy, in the movie your character gets labeled as an MTV girl. What’s your opinion on that label and do you think it’s fair? Also, did it guide your research in any way?
Mark: Wild.
David: Skank!
Amy: Well that was their opinion of her. She was no MTV girl.
Melissa (using Alice’s voice): Oh yes she was.
Amy: There we go. No, I think that MTV then was very different.
Mark: She’s more of a VH1 girl.
Amy: That’s right. That’s right!
Mark: With a little sprinkle of BET. She liked hip hop.
Amy: And a dash of Lifetime. Just a dash.
Mark: Some Fuse.
Amy: I think MTV was very different then. They actually showed music videos which I liked. But I think it meant that she was wild. She was like…
Mark: Spring Break.
Amy: Spring Break.
Mark: Titties out.
Amy: Yeah.
Mark: Threesomes.
Amy: Just like a party girl.
Mark: That’s what Mickey liked.
Amy: That’s what the sisters said. Right? They were like “She was trash.” I think she still gets accused of it. I don’t know. Every here and there. Do I think it’s fair from Charlene’s perspective? No. She was just a girl trying to make good. Trying to deal with what she had.
Mark: She’s a sweetheart.
Amy: She is a sweetheart. What struck me about Charlene is that you had all these huge personalities and she never once was like “Let me tell you my side of the story.” She never did. She was always content to sit in the background. As a matter of fact, I think you guys had to really convince her to put herself on tape so I could watch her. Like they really had to talk [to her]. She was not about drawing attention to herself. She was really happy that Mickey’s story was being told and she was really supportive of that. So, I don’t think it was fair.

Q: Mark and Amy, the chemistry of your characters is so there. How much work goes into that before you guys start shooting?
Mark: (teasing) It was instant for me. It was like “Whoa!” No, she’s a sweetheart. David always says that she doesn’t seem like the girl who could throw a punch but she reminds me of so many girls in my neighborhood. She looks like an Irish Catholic, tough, no nonsense kind of girl. I saw that immediately. They’re not quite as pretty as Amy, the girls in my neighborhood.
Amy: Oh stop!
Mark: But I was such a huge fan of hers. We had actually had the luxury of having lunch before to talk about another movie and it was a bad movie that I did. She dodged the bullet. And then I was still able to … I don’t want to tell you what movie … alright “The Happening.” Fuck it. It is what it is. Fucking trees, man. The plants. Fuck it. You can’t blame me for not wanting to try to play a science teacher. At least I wasn’t playing a cop or a crook. But she didn’t do the movie and we got the chance to work together again. I was very happy about that because I thought she would bring something very special to the table, and again showing a side of her that I certainly knew she was capable of doing but she hadn’t gotten to show yet.
Amy: With Mark, it was pretty instant. It was so easy to work with you and, for the women in here, you guys saw him. I mean, how hard is it to pretend that you’re attracted to that. He’s such a good actor. So, with that being said, with all due respect to your wife and my significant other, Mark has a great quality as an actor and he was able to show that with Mickey and his vulnerability. A man who’s powerful and strong yet is able to show tenderness and vulnerability, that’s really sexy.
Christian: And he’s got a full set of teeth in his head as well.
Amy: I love his teeth. David didn’t really give us much option because I remember it was the first day and there wasn’t a kissed planned and he was like “Okay, and now you kiss.” And we’re like, “We do?” “Yeah, you do!” And that was it. “Hi. Sorry.”

Read the full transcription here

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