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Cruel Intentions 2 (2000)

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Amy Adams as: Kathryn Merteuil
Directed by: Roger Kumble
Written by: Roger Kumble
Selected Cast: Robin Dunne, Sarah Thompson, Keri Lynn Pratt
Release Date: November 9, 2000 (Hungary video premiere)
Genre: Drama / Comedy
MPAA Rating: R

Seduce and destory.

A prequel based on the 1999 theatrical film Cruel Intentions, a modern-day version of Choderlos De Laclos’ 18th century novel Dangerous Liaisons. Manchester, a prestigious New York prep school, provides the backdrop to sex, scandal and betrayal among the Upper East Side’s teenage elite. Sebastian Valmont has just moved in with his philandering father’s Manhattan family. A unique sibling rivalry is borne between Sebastian and his new step-sister Kathryn. As he shuns her attempts to impress him with money and power, he resists the growing attraction between them. Meanwhile, the manipulative Kathryn and her cohorts, a secret society called the Manchester Tribunal, plot to control the destiny of all who cross their path, including Cecile, a naive freshman. Sebastian must choose between joining the underground group or falling for Annette, the headmaster’s daughter and Kathryn’s nemesis.

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Amy’s Role

Amy plays the wickedly delicious Kathryn Merteuil. This is by far one of Amy’s most shocking and unpredictable roles, many would probably be shocked to see the Enchanted darling in a role like this. Still, it’s further proof of Amy’s versatility. Kathryn is a vindictive seductress who will stop at nothing to get exactly what she wants. It is one of Amy’s biggest roles to date but quantity isn’t everything as the film is a poor mediocre version of the enjoyable original and some of her finer smaller roles. Still, fans should check out it for a totally new look at Amy’s arsenol of performances and characters, and the fact that she is in the entire thing makes it watchable.

“Back then I didn’t see it as sexy and dirty. I saw it as funny and tongue-in-cheek. It surprised me when it started playing on late-night Cinemax. It was an important Hollywood lesson for me. That was my first job when I landed in LA. I got it like two months after being there so it was a huge deal. It was great and I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t done that. I think you should be open to whatever comes to you, but it’s important to grow from each role and maybe not revisit it if you don’t need to.”
“We started shooting again on Tuesday, and I was reminded how icky I feel when I play Katherine, because I really let myself feel like that, and it’s just the grossest feeling. I mean, it is fun, but when you’re in it, you just ache all the time. She’s just so angry and bitter.”
“Nobody in America is going to like me as a person when they see me playing Katherine.”
“I wasn’t thinking. I was just doing my job. I got that part a few weeks after moving to Los Angeles. I came from dinner theater in Minnesota to working on a major network television show, and I didn’t truly understand what that meant. I thought we were just being silly! Then it got all these parent advocacy groups against it.”

Character Quotes
“Daddy’s little angel must keep up appearances.”
“You didn’t really think you were gonna win did you?”
You know what they say. Two’s company. Three’s a fuck load of fun.”
“Let’s get something straight! I may have not fooled you, but I’ve got a great thing going with the rentals. I don’t have a curfew, they never bother me about my homework, and I’ve got a five-figure allowance. No one, and I mean no one, is about to threaten my cushy lifestyle! Especially not some two-bit, hick loser like you.”
“I don’t want to hear it! Now as for school, you stay out of my face and we’ll get along just fine. But if you cross me once, I’ll bury your sorry ass. Understood? Right. I’m glad we could have this little.”
“Hmm… not bad.”
“Psycho stepsister?”
“So, what’s on the agenda? Matinee of The Lion King?”
“How dare you talk to me like that you son of a bitch!”
“We’ll see who gets the last laugh.”
“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”
“Stop blubbering.”
“Worship works best on their knees.”
“That was wonderful… just precious.”
“I think I’ll let this little romance just flicker out on it’s on.”
“Nobody ever threatens me!”
“You do realize this means war!”
“She’s very sweet so now I’m turning her into the school slut.”
“Now who’s your favorite daughter… ?”
“I think we’re ready to try advance jumping.”
“Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster. Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster. Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster! Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster!! Good. Now this time I want you to really ride it. Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster. Faster! Faster! Faster!! Faster!!”
“I read your file. It turns me on.”
“Face it. You and I are two of a kind.”
“You pussy!”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in New York, California, USA and Ontario, Candada.

• In the original Cruel Intentions, Sarah Michelle Gellar is Kathryn Merteuil and Ryan Phillippe is Sebastian.

• This film was originally a TV series based on Cruel Intentions (1999) titled “Manchester Prep” with three hour-long episodes filmed: the pilot (#1.1), Pretty in Plaid (#1.2), and Disfunction Junction (#1.3). They were scheduled to premiere on the Fox network in the fall of 1999, but the show was canceled before any of the episodes aired. The scene where Cherie has orgasms on the horse in Episode #1.3 reportedly outraged Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch. New explicit scenes and dialogue were added to footage from the pilot and the first two episodes to make this film. The plot was reworked to serve as a prequel to Cruel Intentions rather then a re-telling.

• The trailer (that’s included with the DVD release) features a lot of scenes that were originally recorded for the TV series and never show up in the movie.

• On the DVD, there are ‘Talent Files’ for each of the four main actors (Robin Dunne, Amy Adams, Sarah Thompson, and Keri Lynn Pratt). Keri Lynn Pratt played ‘Cherie Claymon’, but in her file, it lists her character as ‘Cecile Caldwell’. Cecile Caldwell doesn’t appear in this film. She is played by Selma Blair in the original Cruel Intentions (1999), which takes place years after this film. However, Cecile and Cherie both have a few things in common: they are both daughters of socialites; ditzy; virgins when they start at Manchester; and both lose their virginity while attending there.


Cruel Intentions 2 is less an extension of the original than a loose remake, with its tortured playboy protagonist (Robin Dunne, replacing Ryan Phillippe) again forced to choose between true love (in the form of virginal Sarah Thompson) and the cold-hearted manipulation of stepsister Amy Adams. Dunne makes for a far more affable antihero than Phillippe, playing the character less as a vicious seducer than as a basically decent young man with an overactive libido and a healthy sense of mischief. Thankfully, Adams more than compensates for the meanness void Dunne leaves unfilled, tearing into her alpha-bitch role with vicious glee largely missing from Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sterile take on the character.” – Nathan Rabin, AV Club