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Standing Still (2005)

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Amy Adams as: Elise
Directed by: Matthew Cole Weiss
Written by: Matthew Cole Weiss, Timm Sharp
Selected Cast: Adam Garcia, Lauren German, Aaron Stanford
Release Date: April 21, 2005 (US Limited)
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
MPAA Rating: R

Sometimes it’s hard moving forward without first looking back.

Elise and Michael are the perfect couple who have been dating seemingly forever. Unlike most young couples, they have everything one can wish for – a beautiful house, an upcoming wedding, and a crew of close friends, all coming into Los Angeles for the weekend nuptials. As they each arrive at the house, joyous reunions quickly turn into awkward meetings that bring up both sweet and painful memories. Rich and Samantha are the best man and maid of honor who are also toying with taking the next step towards the altar. Lana is a neurotic actress with an unstable love life. When all the men she’s ever slept with, the forlorn Pockets, children’s show host Donovan, and drunken actor Simon, all show up for the wedding, chaos ensues. Rounding out the group are Quentin, a fast-talking agent who falls hard for the bride’s sister, Jennifer, the bride’s former roommate with a secret, Franklin, the definition of a wacky Hollywood director, and Jonathan, the groom’s long lost father battling addiction, attempting to reenter his son’s life.

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Amy’s Role

Amy plays Elise, a bit of a control freak/bride to be getting married to Michael (Adam Garcia) and the two have been inspirable since college. The film is about a group of friends reuiniting after several years for their wedding. There are lots of characters that the movie follows, atleast 10, so all of the screentime is stretched out quite a bit around all these people. While Elise and Michael’s wedding around the pivital reason everyone is back together, Amy’s character still doesn’t have that large of a part. It’s supporting at best, and her character really gets no development aside from a scene when he ex-lesbian flame (Lauren German) comes back and professes she still loves her. Although the character doesn’t have a real prominent storyline, she’s still got a decent amount of scenes.


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Character Quotes
“What’s going on?”
“Michael, what did this man do to you and why can’t you talk to me about it?”
Elise: “Do you know what I would give to have my father at this wedding? You’ll never realize what he means to you until he’s gone.”
Michael: “He is gone!”
Elise: “Fine. And your fucking khakis are in the closet!”
Jennifer: “I still love you.”
Elise: “I really care about you to, I just… it’s not like that for me anymore.”
Jennifer: “What do you mean? I mean just so I know, what do you mean when you say that it’s not like that for you anymore… what does that mean?”
Elise: “Not like that: I’m not attracted to women, you know? It was you, I was in love with you. Now I’m in love with Michael.”
“I don’t see a future with you, my future is with Michael.”
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”
“I’m the one who called him… I didn’t know.”
“As read as I’ll ever be.”
Samantha: “It’ll all be over soon.”
Elise: “No. It’s just about to begin.”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in California and Las Vegas, USA.


“Several old college buddies reunite for a wedding, setting off an awkward chain of confrontations and random hookups in Matthew Cole Weiss’ debut feature, Standing Still. Teeming with beautiful faces set against a ritzy Hollywood backdrop, slick ensembler plays like a younger, shallower gloss on The Big Chill, putting an attractive cast through some not especially original motions. Opening commercially 10 months after its CineVegas premiere, pic will be hard-pressed to eke out more than a modest showing among young-adult auds.” – Justin Chang, Variety

“While the guys dodge commitment, self-awareness and adulthood in general, the women roll their eyes and wait to be needed. A refreshing exception is Jennifer (Lauren German), a London lesbian with ties to the bride-to-be and a delightfully insolent manner: when she approaches, the men scatter like blobs of mercury. But she’s the only spark in yet another movie dedicated to privileged self-involvement; just once, it would be nice to observe the early-adulthood traumas of, say, some plumbers or pipe fitters. Surely they have friends, too.” – Jeanette Catsolouis, NY Times