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Singing & Voice Work

“I won’t be doing an album. I would love to do musicals. I’m realistic about where my voice sits and it doesn’t sit in the pop world. I could try but it would not do well.”

“I wanted to be a great singer, so I was loud, but it’s something I’ve had to work really hard at. I lost a lot of confidence [in it] being a dancer, because I was never really seen as a singer. So it took me a long time to come back around to singing.”


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Soundtrack (2008)
“If I Didn’t Care”

Playing Delysia Lafosse, the infectiously energetic actress/singer in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Amy gives a sultry rendition of the tune “If I Didn’t Care” together with co-star Lee Pace. You can order a copy of the soundtrack on Amazon!

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Enchanted Soundtrack (2007)
“That’s How You Know”
“True Love’s Kiss”
“Happy Working Song”

Amy herself sings three of the songs in Enchanted; “Happy Working Song”, “How Does She Know?” and “True Love’s Kiss” with James Marsden. She was very much indeed a true Disney princess come to life! “I did listen to a lot of Disney princesses because they wanted the first number to be reminiscent of a more Snow White feel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, softer, more lilting. And as she becomes more real, into the real world, we bring it up to a more current style with “That’s How You Know” which is much more of a Broadway showstopper style of song,” she says. Amy was trained to try to sing an operetta style, then also doing more of a Broadway style. She says “Thats How You Know” was the hardest for her to sing. You can order a copy of the soundtrack on Amazon!

Three songs off the film’s original motion picture soundtrack were nominated for Academy Awards (two of which Amy herself sang). At the 2008 ceremony Amy Adams sang “Happy Working Song” live for the first time (not to mention Amy’s first time on stage in years). “I haven’t done it recently enough to feel comfortable doing it, but it’ll be a fun challenge. You gotta do things that scare you and that are outside your comfort zone, and that’s definitely outside my comfort zone, but I’m going to have fun no matter what.” Amy said before the big night. While in the film she performs to rats, pigeons, and cockroaches cleaning an apartment, her live performance was different. Despite being a little nervous, Amy sang her heart out all alone on a bare stage with a single spotlight for her number, charming the pants off everyone! Later that night Kristin Chenoweth performed with dozens of colorfully costumed dancers for the second nominated song, “That’s How You Know.” In an interview, Adams remarked that it was “perfect” for Chenoweth to perform the song since Chenoweth “was a huge inspiration for how [she] approached Giselle”. “It’s funny…when I was training, one of the pieces of advice I got is: pick a voice that you like and that you think is the right tone for Giselle. I got the Wicked soundtrack and listened to Kristin, who was a huge inspiration for how I approached Giselle. I met her, actually, while I was rehearsing, and I sang in front of her. I said, ‘OK, if I can sing in front of Kristin and hold it together, it’s a step in the right direction.'” Unfortunetly neither of the three songs won the Oscar. Instead, it went to the song “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for the film Once.

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Voice Work

Enchanted (2007)

For Enchanted Amy became a real life princess but she also voices… Who else but the animated version of herself! The hand drawn animation was done by James Baxter, known from such Disney classics Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. “I was flattered. I was a little intimidated, her waist is a lot smaller than mine so I thought there’d be no late night Mexican food binges while shooting this. But I thought they did a really good job at capturing some of my quirks and my movements. I run pigeon toed and she does too. Sometimes you get self-conscious because you know they’re looking for what will define this character. I just think they’re so wonderful. Like I said, I grew up watching those films and James Baxter’s animation so it was a huge compliment to me to be animated by him.”

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Underdog (2007)

“Oh where, oh where can my Underdog be?” Amy Adams voices the classic character Polly Purebred in the live-action re-imagination of the classic cartoon, Underdog. Polly was Underdog’s girlfriend. Polly Purebred is played by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog from Boone’s Animals for Hollywood.

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King of the Hill (2004)
My Hair Lady (episode 8.11)
Cheer Factor (episode 8.13)

Amy appears in two episodes of the Fox cartoon and voices two different characters; Merilynn in 8.13 and Misty / Sunshine in 8.11.

The hilarious show is about a rigid redneckish propane salesman with a good heart and wacky friends and family.

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