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Lots of Amy Articles

Several wonderful articles have been published this week about Miss Amy and today I’ve rounded some up. Be sure to pay special attention to The Washington Post as it’s my favorite and totally adorable! There was also two stunning photoshoot pics with it.

From: The Washington Post: The Real Thing

“Everyone’s always like: ‘You’re so typecast,’ ” Adams says, referring to the recent roles on her CV. “But actually, when I came out to L.A., I was always the bitchy girl.” What changed? “My hair!”

“I’ve never played super-dark in a film. I think I’d be curious to do it. If a character comes along that I find really compelling and it works out that the director wants to go that direction with me, I’m totally willing to try. I’ve actually auditioned, but I think people have a hard time making the leap from — I don’t want to use this as a cop-out, but my energy is not dark, my being is not dark.”

“Oh, gosh — I can be very dark,” she says. “Of course I can. . . . Light can’t exist without dark. It just can’t. But if my darkness comes out in public, people are going to be so confused, like, ‘Who’s this girl?’ I become very Eeyore.” She sighs, just like the mopey Winnie-the-Pooh sidekick, and suddenly you can envision her curled up on the couch at home, watching Dr. Phil in her pajamas.

“I’m actually a lot of fun! I’m a hoot!”

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Amy Adams Reacts to Globe Nomination

Amy Adams tells Extra:

“I am so honored to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for Doubt, along with John Patrick Shanley, Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viola Davis. Helping to bring John’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play to the screen was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

Adams Honored with Spotlight Award at Palm Springs Film Festival

Variety is reporting that Amy Adams will be honored with the Spotlight Award for her performance in Doubt at the 20th annual Palm Springs Film Festival.

The award, which honors a supporting performance during the preceding year, will be awarded to Adams on Jan. 6th, 2009.

Talk Show Alerts

Amy still has a few more stops to go, be sure to tune in!

Tuesday – 12/09/2008 Amy on Late Show with David Letterman
Wednesday – 12/10/2008 – Amy on Good Morning America
Wednesday – 12/10/2008 – Amy on Regis & Kelly
Friday 12/12/2008 – Amy & Meryl on The View
Friday 12/12/2008 – Amy, Meryl & Phillip on Charlie Rose

Monday 12/15/2008 – Amy on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

We will bring you caps and clips in case you miss it! :biggrin: If you happen to hear of more, let us know via e-mail.

Golden Globe Nomination!

Huge congrats to Amy! She has been nominated for her performance in Doubt at the 66th Annual Golden Globes!

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams – Doubt
Penelope Cruz – Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis – Doubt
Marisa Tomei – The Wrestler
Kate Winslet – The Reader

Not only was Amy nominated, but the wonderful cast and writer as well. Meryl Streep was nominated for Best Actress, Viola Davis will be against Amy in the supporting category, Philip Seymour Hoffman is up for Best Actor and John Patrick Shanley is nominated for Best Screenplay. It is a good day for the Doubt family!

The awards will take place Sunday, January 11, 2009, at The Beverly Hilton with a live telecast airing on NBC at 8 PM (EST).

Gallery Updates: Doubt Promotions & Misc

A lot of stuff has been added to the gallery tonight. Including captures from various TV Spots and clips from Doubt, event and candid pics from recent promotions, captures from the Coming Soon interview and two utterly gorgeous misc photos: An outtake from Enchanted‘s press conference (thanks to Jess) and Junebug‘s press conference among others. View all these latest updates here.

The clips can be viewed after the cut. Also be sure to watch the adorable clip of on TMZ. Really it’s quite priceless. 😉


Last Uploads

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Amy Crossing Fingers For Davis & Streep’s Oscar Nominations

Amy Adams tells CNN she became “a little obsessed” with the adaptation of the play to the big screen. She plays Sister James, a nun who expresses her suspicions about Father Flynn’s relationship with the student to Sister Aloysius.

The movie is a departure for Adams, who became famous for sunnier roles in films like Enchanted and Talladega Nights. But she said she doesn’t mind being known as an eternally cheerful actress, because that description reflects “75 percent” of her real persona.

“There’s 25 percent that’s probably dark and grumpy and not personable at all, but I keep her at home,” Adams said.

As for Oscar buzz surrounding her performance, the actress said she’s keeping her fingers crossed for Streep and Davis to be nominated for their roles in Doubt but has no expectations for herself.

“It’s always fun, and I would love to. If it doesn’t happen for me, it’s all right as well,” Adams said. “So, the experience of making the film was my get in this case.”

Regis & Kelly – December 10, 2008

Right after GMA, Amy jiffied over to Regis & Kelly to once again do some promotion for Doubt. She changed into a dress and Kelly Ripa seemed to really love it (me too!). At the beginning Amy talks a little about Darren too. Very sweet stuff!


• Talk Shows: Regis & Kelly – December 10, 2008

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Good Morning America – December 10, 2008

Today Amy was on Good Morning America. She was interviewed very briefly about Doubt. She looks so stunning!

Watch the video after the cut.


• Talk Shows: Good Morning America – December 10, 2008

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David Letterman – December 9, 2009

I’ve added 300+ screencaptures of Amy’s appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday. She looked lovely in black. In this interview we learn that Darren proposed to crumpy and stressed out Amy in a carriage in Central Park, that Amy and Darren took a roadtrip to Texas for Thanksgiving and that Amy loves Taco Bell. It was a nice little interview!


• Talk Shows: David Letterman – December 9, 2008

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