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“The Muppets” Trailer #02

Disney released its second full-length trailer for The Muppets. Check it:

Jason Segel and Amy Adams sing for ‘The Muppets’

It doesn’t hit theaters until November 23rd, and “The Muppets” has released a new song from the soundtrack and it’s quite the feel-good anthem.

Featuring the voices of Jason Segel and Amy Adams, ‘Life’s a Happy Song‘ also includes contributions from the Muppets themselves. has put the music available, so you can hear it below:

The Muppets: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo Teaser Trailer

Two days ago, Disney released another teaser trailer for “The Muppets”, and it has some new scenes with Amy. Check the trailer below, and screencaptures up in the gallery:

“The Muppets” New Images and Movie Facts

Finally we have something new to update the site, due the lack of news and pictures of Amy this summer. Disney has released yesterday some new movie images and also some trivia for the upcoming “The Muppets”. Two new HQ pictures has been added into our gallery.

TOP TEACHER – Amy Adam’s character Mary is a teacher with 16 students. Thus, no less than 16 perfect apples sit on the edge of the stellar teacher’s desk. – Read the whole trivia here at the source

“The Muppets” at D23 Expo

Probably because Man of Steel filming schedule, Amy didn’t attended the Muppets panel at D23 Expo. The panel was attended by Jason Segel, Kermit the Frog and the lovely Miss Piggy.

Coming Soon has some highlights of the panel:

In the first clip Segel, Adams and Segel’s best friend Walter (a Muppet) drive around Bel-Air, looking for Kermit the Frog’s house. Unable to find a doorbell, Walter tells Segel to pick him up and throw him over the fence despite Adams’ protestations about it being electrified. Sure enough, Walter is electrocuted. Just as he tries to convince Segel to throw him over again, the silhouette of Kermit appears to the sound of a heavenly choir (which is actually a bus with a touring church choir inside). Walter passes out from the shock.

Walter wakes up inside Kermit’s home with Segel and Adams watching over him. Kermit asks what he can do for them as his butler 80s Robot appears with a silver platter of Tab Cola and New Coke. Kermit insists they don’t need anything, and 80s Robot rolls away, bumping into walls and furniture while muttering catchphrases like “gag me with a spoon.”

“The Muppets” featured on Entertainment Weekly magazine

The current issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine has bring us with a three pages article featuring “The Muppets” in their Fall Movie Preview list. My friend Kellly sent us scans, you can find it in the gallery:

“The Muppets” Posters

Some more goodies for Amy’s upcoming “The Muppets” has been released, and you now can find in the gallery.

I got in my Google alerts inbox some images of Amy probably filming for “The Muppets”, I don’t know if there’s some re-shootings for pre-production, or if the report is a few months late. In all case, you can read (and view pictures) here.

In other movie news, Man of Steel is currently (and officially) being filming now in Aurora, IL. Since it’s the “Smallville” stage, I believe Amy will not be there. Henry Cavill, who was at SDCC this past weekend, didn’t told much about the movie, but confirmed he’s already in Chicago and the filming will start this week. I simply can’t wait to see Amy dressed as “Lois Lane”. 🙂

“The Muppets” Stills released

Yesterday, Walt Disney Studios released several high-resolution stills from “The Muppets”, following the first official full trailer. I added them to the gallery, and also a high resolution of “Green Envy” poster posted a while ago.

Amy Adams On Set Interview “The Muppets”

The Collider has posted a great Amy interview, done when they were filming on the streets of Glendale, California. You can listen the audio or read the transcript below:

Did you enjoy sitting in that car for multiple takes?

Amy Adams: There have been more comfortable situations, but everybody is really nice. So that is good.

What can tell you us about your character? We know about Jason Segel and Walter’s connection. How do you fit into that story?

Adams: I am Mary, who is Gary’s somewhat neglected girlfriend due to his close relationship with Walter. So I am kind of along for the ride desperately trying to get him to be more romantic. Well, in a Disney way. You know?[laughs]

Continue reading Amy Adams On Set Interview “The Muppets”

“The Muppets” Full Official Trailer

Finally is up, and has a lot of Amy on it!