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Amy Adams – The journey from big to small screen

Amy Adams – The journey from big to small screen

American psycho-thriller TV series ‘Sharp Objects’ is based on the life of Camille Preaker, an alcoholic journalist, who revisited her hometown in Missouri when she had to report the frightful murder of one preteen girl and the missing of another. As she got home, she had to face her past and the disastrous situation that first pushed her away.

The challenging role of Camille in this eight-episode series was played by Amy Adams. The Hollywood superstar and perpetual Oscar nominee moved from the silver screen to small screen with this role. Amy believes this transition to be an ‘intense experience’.

Early Career

Amy did not have an easy start. She struggled to balance between the roles she played and her real life. Initially, her husband suffered, she suffered, and when her daughter was a young girl, she had some extremely challenging experiences. She never wanted to be the mother who came home but was not present. So, she had to figure something to work it out.

Coping with the Struggles

Amy learned her way through. Today, she gets time to relax, does a lot of meditation and breathing, and sometimes takes moments to just lay down on the set for a while.

Amy also takes assistance from well-known acting coach Warner Loughlin. Warner Loughlin has helped Amy gear up for complicated roles. Amy works with the acting coach before she starts a project. She does not do so for all projects but for the ones that seem to be quite complicated – like Camille or Louise in Arrival.

Amy’s On-Screen Cults
Hollywood has been a preferred target for the cult leaders and staying away for long is not that easy for any superstar. Amy starred in The Master – a Paul Thomas Anderson film centered on a cult known as The Cause, wherein the role of the leader is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Even the cult of Cruel Intentions made a significant impact on the generation of teenagers. It is popularly recognized for marking the first starring role given to Amy.

Amy does not cry easily
In several interviews, Amy has been reported to share that it is very difficult to make her cry. If she is upset, she gets mad. If someone makes her feel sad, she shuts down. Her nature to get upset but not cry has earned her the nickname of Angry Adams. She tends to get extremely precise and angry.

Playing Camille
Sharp Objects required Amy to put on and lose weight. In certain scenes, she had to be completely naked on the screen and also be involved in some sensitive and delicate scenes. Amy dealt with situations with the media in the past, like the Arrival premiere wardrobe malfunction fiasco and she knows how to embrace it all.
In a few scenes, the actress needs to show some vulnerability because of sexual experiences. Amy admits that to carry them off, she would have a sip or two of whiskey just like that of her on-screen character.

Amy Adams in 2017: A Year in Review

Amy Adams in 2017: A Year in Review

2017 is coming to its end and then I decided to put together, once again, a summary of Amy’s professional activities this year.

We started with Amy collecting the accolades for the amazing year she had in 2016 with Arrival and Nocturnal Animals.

The first event she attended was in January 3rd. She stepped out at the 2017 Palm Springs International Awards Gala, to receive the Chairman’s Award for her work in Arrival. Two days later, she attended the National Board of Review, again as winner. On the next day, she attended a W Magazine celebration for the Best Performances Portfolio which she was included. Again, the day next, she attended the AFI Awards Gala.

The awards season got busy, with Amy attending the Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, SAG Awards, Directors Guild, Producers Guild… Amy was nominated in the every single awards BUT the Academy’s, which still infuriates me. This didn’t prevent her to attend, and presenting the Best Adapted Screenplay to Moonlight director Barry Jenkins.

Before the Academy unveiling their nominees, Amy was still promoting the movie. She visited Jimmy Kimmel and attended a Q&A at the SAG-Aftra Foundation, while kept doing interviews to several outlets.
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Amy Adams Deserves a Larger Role In The DC Universe

Amy Adams Deserves a Larger Role In The DC Universe

The DC Comics movie universe is still finding its feet, but it may finally be hitting its stride thanks to the success of Wonder Woman. We hope that the studio will take a hint from the movie’s success and give its women a larger role. They could start with Justice League later this fall. Amy Adams has already shined as Lois Lane in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it would make sense to increase her role in the new movie, too.

Adams is easily one of the most talented actors in the franchise and DC would do well to provide a larger part for Adams to strut her stuff. Jesse Eisenberg has been nominated for an Academy Award, but was slammed for his performance as Lex Luthor. J.K. Simmons won his for his role in Whiplash, and he’s a great choice to fill the role of James Gordon. Meanwhile, Adams has been nominated for an Oscar a whopping five times and still feels like an afterthought sometimes. Despite her pedigree, she’s one of the most underutilized people in the series.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman has always been lacking in humanity or anything that actually makes the character interesting, so having Lois Lane to provide some actual depth could go a long way to helping fans better identify with the movies. Adams has discussed her struggles with the role before. She said that it often felt like the character existed in service to the story, rather than having her own development. Given the positive reaction to Wonder Woman, which was rife with well-developed characters, DC would be wise to allow a little more screen time to its most famous non-super-powered female character. They could start by testing the waters of her popularity in other media.

DC has been going all out trying to appeal to wider audiences with its cast of heroes. The company has also adapted most of them to the world of video games. The fighting game, Injustice 2, features tons of heroes and villains and there’s also a variety of online casino games that center on many of the popular films. They’re already working on slots based on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie and it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them do a larger Justice League reel and include Adams alongside the rest of the cast. She’s proven herself not only as a critical darling but also a big box office draw. It would make sense for them to use her portrayal of Lois Lane to help bring in even more fans.

We’ve yet to see Lois Lane featured in any of the trailer for the upcoming movie, but we’re sure to see her and how she’s handling the events at the end of Dawn of Justice. So far Justice League looks like a lot of fun, and we only hope that DC has learned enough from Wonder Woman to pay more attention to its female stars, particularly Adams. Justice League will be in theaters November 17, 2017.

Amy Adams in 2016: A Year in Review

Amy Adams in 2016: A Year in Review

With 2016 coming to an end, we decided to put together a summary of Amy’s professional activities this year.

We started 2016 knowing that Amy would have a very busy year, with three films being released. With no major film last year, she didn’t take part of any awards as contender. However, her first public appearance was as presenter at the Golden Globes. Amy presented Best Actor in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy, which went to Matt Damon for “The Martian.” She didn’t attend the Oscar ceremony this year, but rocked the red carpet for the annual Vanity Fair after party with husband Darren. To complete the first two months of the year, she only attended two more events, the NFL Honors and the ‘Night Before’ Fundraiser.

In March, Amy started promoting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“. The film received mixed reviews, getting only 28% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. But was pretty fine on box office, raising over $870 million worldwide (Yours truly watched it twice on theaters). The first premiere happened in New York, followed by the UK premiere. The cast did several interviews to promote the film, and Amy was paired with Henry Cavill during the UK part of the tour. She also visited some talk shows as Graham Norton, Jimmy Fallon, GMA, Ellen Degeneres, ending with the full cast doing a big interview on Conan show.

Still in April, Amy did the first promotional appearance for Arrival (still being called ‘Story of Your Life’), during the CinemaCon. In June, the film received the new title and a Fall release, eyeing the awards season. Nocturnal Animals have already received a November release as well and, at this point, Amy started to promote both films.

She went to Venice in August, being one of the most requisited actors for interviews due the positive reviews of BOTH films. At this point, she was already in an anticipated list for an Oscar contender.

After Venice, Amy promoted Nocturnal Animals and Arrival on Telluride Festival, on Toronto Festival, on London Festival, on Mill Valley festival. The number of interviews done during these festivals are so huge that wouldn’t fit in our resume, so you can always check our Arrival and Nocturnal Animals news category.

Alongside the festivals, Amy (and her co-stars) started promoting both films in several panels, Q&A’s, screenings and talk shows. When Arrival premiered on theaters in November, public and critic was sold already by the story, direction and Amy’s performance. Arrival received solid 94% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and according to Box Office Mojo it already grossed $145 millions worldwide. For this performance, Amy received nominations for the Golden Globes, Critics Choice, several film critics nominations and wins, and also won a National Board of Review. A snub for an Oscar nomination is taken as unlikely at this point.

Nocturnal Animals opened in December 9 – and overseas started opening this week. It grossed around $22 millions. Its reviews are positive as well, getting a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.8/10 on IMDb. Tom Ford is receiving the majority of the awards nominations and wins, but Amy received for this film a Sattelite Award nomination.

With three movies opening in 2016, Amy was featured on some magazines as well. Being mostly for Batman v Superman promotion, she was once again featured on THR’s Actress Roundtable, a good thermometer for the awards season, as well Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue.

We received this year some updates on Amy’s upcoming projects as well. In April, Deadline reported that HBO ordered episodes of ‘Sharp Objects‘. Based on the book by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects has UnReal co-creator Marti Noxon as showrunner, Wild helmer Jean-Marc Vallée as director, and Flynn as a writer alongside Noxon.

Justice League went strong on Comic-Con, with the first look trailer being released. It received a November 17, 2017 release date, and filming wrapped last month.

An Object of Beauty, which Amy is attached to star and produce for quite a while, found a new writer, Deadline published in August.

Also in August, it was reported that a Man of Steel sequel is in the works. Since we can’t consider Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a proper sequel for the first film, it was likely that Warner Bros. would go for it with the major exploration of DCEU on theaters.

In October, we finally had a confirmation that Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel for Enchanted, is a go. Amy confirmed in an interview that she’ll be back as Gisele, and THR also reported that Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman was attached to direct the sequel.

So, that’s it! This is our last update of the year and, with it, I want to wish all our visitors a very happy New Year! Thanks for another year, for your visit, your comments, your friendship!

We’ll try to make this an annual series, and I want to give a thanks/shout-out to my friends Frederik from Simply Streep, Lindsey from Rachel McAdams Online and Jess from Glamour Reese for the inspiration on the ‘Year in Review’ special.

To finish, I wish Amy and her family the best in this coming year. Happy 2017!