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MQ Events Part 3

I have begun adding the 2005 MQ events now. There is quite a few for this year so these will come in segments. This was the big year for the little movie that did; Junebug that is. It’s so cute seeing Amy sparkle and knowing what now has become thanks in part to this movie. Check out some very darling snaps of her at various Sundance events!


• Events in 2005: Last Uploads

Amy Adams Joins Entertainment Weekly’s Next A-list

Amy Adams is featured in Entertainment Weekly‘s newest issue with The Rock on the cover. She joins a new generation of stars (James McAvoy, Shia LeBeouf, Ellen Page, etc.) praised by studio execs, producers, and agents to top the Next A-list.

Edit from Mycah: I have added the scans from the magazine. There is not a new photoshoot picture or anything, but it’s still really interesting to see who was chosen as the next top of the crop! Amy, and many of the others, are some of my other very favorites so I’m thrilled they are getting more recognition this way!

Amy Adams
Last Seen In: Charlie Wilson’s War and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Career Box Office: $1.1 billion
Asking Price: Over $4 million

There are few actresses that everyone in Hollywood seems to love, but right now Adams is everybody’s sweetheart. “She’s a total star,” says one top talent agent. “She’s really versatile. She can do comedy or drama, studio movie or weird indie. She’s got it all.”

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Candids from June 3, 2008

Miss Adams was snapped grabbing lunch in Los Angeles a couple of days back, June 3, to be exact. I’ve added a couple of pictures in the gallery.


• Candids from 2008: June 3, 2008

MTV Movie Awards Update

I’m sure most of you are aware of this by now but unfortunately Miss Amy neither won or attended – despite the reports – the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. Meh. The awards went to Johnny Depp (Comedic Performance), Ellen Page (Female Performance) and Briana Evigan & Robert Hoffman (Best Kiss). I know all the Meerkats (= fans of Amy Adams) are very disappointed but at least Amy is, hands down, the winner in our eyes!

Talladega Nights & Underdog DVD Caps

We’re literally minutes away from the MTV Movie Awards but I decided to bring you another update anyways. I am very sorry that I was unable to update these past few days, my computer broke down on Wednesday so I wasn’t able to do anything until it was fixed. Thankfully it appears to be resolved now (*fingers crossed*) and updates will resume like normal!

I have added screencaptures from two small Amy roles. The hilarious Talladega Nights and the features of Underdog. I included a few caps of the dog Amy voices, but didn’t cap the whole thing obviously. Hehe. Anyways enjoy, and be sure to join us on the ‘MTV Movie Awards Watch Thread’ on the forum!


Underdog: DVD
Talladega Nights: DVD

Amy to Attend the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

According to The Envelope, Miss Adams will indeed attend tomorrow’s 2008 MTV Movie Awards. The show will be hosted by Mike Myers and set to kick off live from the Gibson Ampitheatre in Universal City on Sunday at 8 pm. We will, no doubt, bring you lots of media coverage of this big event so stay tuned!

Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence (2007)

I am in the process of moving to another country for the summer. I am flying tomorrow but it should not take later than early next week for me to be hooked back online – hopefully I’ll be back for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Meanwhile, Mycah, Stephany and the forum members will no doubt keep you updated on the latest of Amy.

I wanted to make a quick update before I go. I’ve added some rare photos of Amy at Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence back in August 2007. She looked very natural and incredibly beautiful. These are some of my fave ‘event’ pics of her. Here are some quotes regarding the event, courtesy of InStyle:

Amy Adams put in her time shopping for some serious deals and taking advantage of the spa services. “When you’re trying clothes on by yourself, you’re looking for an opinion, so it’s great that there are tons of women I know here,” said the actress, who modeled Tina Tang jewelry for Isla Fisher before moving on to tackle a mountain of jeans. While talking fashion with a representative from Woo, Adams expressed her love of the new high-waisted denim trend. “It’s the end of the muffin top!” she declared.

Fellow red heads Amy Adams and Isla Fisher had a tête-à-tête while modeling Tina Tang jewelry for each other.

• Public Events: Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence

MTV Movie Awards: Final Voting Day

Just a friendly reminder that the voting for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards ends today (May 27) so this is the last chance to cast your votes! Please vote for our girl in the following categories. :biggrin:

Best Comedic Performance
Best Female Performance
Best Kiss (with Patrick Dempsey)

Doubt to be Released Oct. 10, 2008

Doubt has a new US release date: October 10, 2008. It’s been moved forward with almost two months. Mark your calendars. The film is already being mentioned as a strong Academy Award candidate.

Cruel Intentions 2 DVD Caps

I have added screencaps of one of Amy’s largest and most infamous roles ever, playing the wicked Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions 2. I personally hated the movie, Amy was the only thing that kept me watching. But I don’t think that’s surprising :hehe: Regardless enjoy the Amy pretty-ness in the captures and save yourself from having to watch the movie. 😀


Cruel Intentions 2: DVD Screencaptures
Cruel Intentions 2: DVD Screencaptures – Trailer
Cruel Intentions 2: DVD Screencaptures – Menus