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Hair: 2010-Present

Amy Adams is known for her stunning red mane so some could be suprised to learn that her hair is naturally more of a blonde/strawberry blonde color. It wasn’t up until Junebug that Amy decided to keep to a more sharper, vivid color that she adapted from the character. Throughout Amy’s career she has sported a variety of different shades, styles and glamorous hairdos for the red carpet and photocalls. While Amy has mostly kept in the red family of shades, she says she’s open to experiment. “I really like red, but I’m always open to change. I would love to cut my hair and try platinum – Christina Aguilera blond. Harlow blond,” she says. This is a visual archive of Amy’s ever changing locks!

“Here I am, I’m super-energetic, a positive person with blond hair, blue eyes — it’s very easy to make assumptions about my character. And the minute you put red hair on it, it’s suddenly, like, instead of energetic, she’s a firecracker; instead of ditzy, she’s quirky.”

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We ended 2009 with the announcement of Amy’s pregnancy. So, when 2010 red carpet appearances started,
a very pregnant Amy was glowing! In January while promoting Leap Year, we saw Amy with longish bangs pushed to the side, when she goes to David Letterman. Amy didn’t wear bangs since 2005. A day after, at the Leap Year premiere, she wore a simple sweet bun updo hairstyle with side bangs. Her hair, even if still red, has its palette pushed to the brown, not orange as we used to see her. A few days later, at the Golden Globes, Amy wore a similar updo, modeled a little different to appearing more movement. Tree months later, at the Oscars, she was about to pop, but appeared glamorous in a very wave hair, back to orange color.

Amy’s hair was back on the long size when she appeared at the Angels Awards in August. She wore her hair in a very natural look, style used in a similar way at the The Fighter press conference a few months after, but at this time with pretty curly waves, and at Dior reopening dinner. You can see that Amy wore her hair in the very same way, but in all events she gave it a different look. At the Power of Women luncheon Amy appeared with a romantic updo hairstyle. Amy swept up her strawberry blonde tresses into a messy updo and left out soft, wavy tendrils. At the The Fighter premiere her hair was looking brighter and she wore it with wide retro waves. But it didn’t long, she got it back to reddish tone again as we saw at the Men’s Health event.

In 2011 Amy was nominated in the most important awards so her presence in the red carpet was a constant. In January, at the Palm Springs festival, she showed off her brushed-back, flowing locks in her signature red shade and added loose curls. A few days after, at the Critics Choice Awards she wore her long, red locks pulled up into a low, loose updo that was swept to one side. Something similar was done at the Golden Globes, with a 1920 styled updo. At the DGA Amy rocked the red carpet with her center-parted hairstyle and wide waves giving her a super glamorous look. January haven’t ended yet and Amy has worn the most different styles she could.

During the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Amy rocked this sexy, smooth ponytail to pair with her flowing, white dress. Amy’s long layered hair helps her to get great looks when she decided to wear it straight, as she did at the Academy Nominees Luncheon and a few days later at the Hollywood Reporters Night. But it’s when she get it wavy that we read more articles about her hairstyle. When she arrived at the Bafta red carpet with her hair down and showing off her gorgeous red color and loose waves, every celebrity site was talking about her. You can notice that Amy didn’t changed the palette, her red tone was the same in all events, just going brighter or darker as she dyed it.

Amy was nominated for 2011 Oscars, and she wore stunning a side-swept mermaid curls inspired by Top Model Jerry Hall. Her hair looks a little brighter than it was two days before at the Women in Film party, but since Amy like to color her hair two days before her big events, it’s totally understandable. But the most different updo Amy wore was at the MET Ball, in May. Her hair were pulled back into a side-bun with a front braid.

We’re still in May, and there’s six months to wait what Amy will bring us. With the casting as Lois Lane, the major question is: will Amyr dye her hair brown? Let’s wait to see. The movie production are about to start…